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What our students say

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When we decided to launch our new website, we felt it was really important to hear from our students.  

The Bronwyn Conroy brand is actually the many 1000’s of Beauty Therapists/ Skincare Specialists and Teachers that have studied with us over the last half century! 

“We think they are the best people to tell you about our Schools”

Have a quick listen below, Anna

Kayleigh Hawkins: Ex Teaching & Education Student

Ex Teaching & Education Students

Kate Lynch

Sarah Hourihan

Roisin LaHarte

Ex CIDESCO Beauty Therapy

Jennie Hingston: Director and co-Founder of Elysian Therapy

Corina Tolan: Director, The Skin Experts, Monica Tolan

Keadie Reilly: Working as a Beauty Therapist in Marbella, Spain

Ex Aesthetics & Skincare

Amy Johnston

Srividya Ojjolla

Janice Molloy

Ancha Geaneni Gontaru: Russian Language

Paul Brae

Sophie Carton

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