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Post Graduate CIDESCO

For Qualified Beauty Therapists

Qualified Beauty Therapists

€1995.00 which includes all zoom and practical classes, mock exam and final exam day in our School in Blackrock

Jacqui Cronin: Head Tutor Cork

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Course Details


Post Graduate Beauty Therapy

Aim of the course

The CIDESCO Post Grad course is generally completed by working Teachers who are required to have this qualification to apply for a Teaching Council number.  

CIDESCO is a very prestigious certificate but it should be noted it is no longer required to work overseas.  It does of course give your CV an edge and the study required to achieve the certificate or Diploma will certainly improve your knowledge of the skin, cosmetic science, etc.

This element is now self-learning. We will provide zoom classes for direction and text books and notes to enhance your learning. 

All Candidates must complete a refresher course of at least 60 hours at a CIDESCO School.  The refresher course must be tailored to the individual needs ensuring that the candidates have covered all subjects in the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Syllabus.

This is a post Grad course therefore the Tutor will be providing the guidelines for completion of the required thesis and case studies. Each student is fully responsible for the completion of all work as well as ensuring that their practical skills are at the level required to successfully complete the practical element of the Beauty Therapy exam process.


The examination for the Post Graduate Beauty Therapy Diploma consists of a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) paper, a practical exam and assessment of the project with case histories.

Candidates are required to research and write a Project assignment on a subject relevant to the study of beauty therapy and connected to their Case Histories.


” Blended Learning combines virtual learning with face-to-face instruction” 

As this is a Post Graduate course, it is fully dependent on the students to practice, study and complete the various case histories and practice outside of the School.

  • All Candidates must have previously completed all exams in practical areas
  • Students must travel to our School in Dublin for a pre-assessment day, a mock exam and the actual Exam.
  • Each student is responsible for their own model for both of the exams
  • The hours required to meet CIDESCO requirements can only be achieved through home study 
  • Students must complete a full Thesis based on the topic of the case Histories
  • Full Tutor support is provided through zoom tutorials when nessessary


A full Practical based exam will be conducted at our School in Blackrock

Students are responsible for their own models for both mock and actual exams.

Full COVID compliance with apply throughout the course.

The Theory exam will be conducted through zoom prior to the practical exam.

Day 1 AM
Introduction to CIDESCO International
PG Beauty Therapy Diploma timetable
Discuss Examination flow
RPL assessment:
RPL Theory – MCQ from CIDESCO Syllabus
RPL Practical – Knowledge of electrical equipment

Day 1 PM
Results of RPL assessments
Identify candidates weak areas
Discuss Project with Case Histories guidelines
Discuss Case History booklet and examples of
Case History subjects
Theory – Tinting & Shaping

Day 2 AM
Theory – Hygiene protocol; Candidates Hygiene;
Care and Presentation
Theory – Facial Analysis Sheet
Practica l- Facial Skin Analysis
Confirm understanding of Case Histories

Day 2 PM
Theory – Facial muscles and lymph nodes functions
Theory – Facial massage with 5 classical movements
Practical – Facial massage with 5 classical movements

Theory – Facial electrical equipment
Practical – Facial electrical equipment:

  • High Frequency
    Vacuum Suction
    Galvanic (Desincrustation and Iontophoresis)
    Electrical Muscle Stimulation – Faradic

Practical Facial Treatment including:

  • Cleansing
    Skin Analysis (treatment objective, plan and use
    of electrical equipment)
    Tinting & Shaping
    Deep Cleansing
    Electrical Equipment
    Swedish Facial Massage with 5 classicalmovements
    Mask application
    Tone and moisturize

Practical – Make-up application
Theory – Waxing (hot and strip)
Practical – Waxing (hot and strip)

Practical – Manicure/Pedicure
Skin Analysis repetition – emphasize treatment
objective plan according to Skin Analysis Sheet
Candidates practice on weak areas of the Beauty
Therapy Treatment

Dates and Fees

Course fees
€1995.00 which include all zoom and practical classes, mock exam and final exam day in our School in Blackrock


Course Requirements
We require a minimum of 4 students to run the CIDESCO Post Graduate course, if you and 2 or 3 of your colleagues are interested please contact the School and we can try to work with you on dates and times. 

Important Information This is a Post Graduate Course which requires considerable home study, case studies completion.  The Practical elements will all be conducted in our School in Dublin. All practical classes will be arranged to suit the group.  This course is only for students who are fully committed to the dedication and standard of work which will be expected at this level.  

Terms and conditions apply to all courses. Once course has commenced full fees are due to be paid regardless of completion of the course.  This is taken as agreed once the deposit has  been paid. Please ask for copy of same.

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