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*Please note Fees and Deposits are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. 


  • Fees and Deposits are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Once the course has commenced the full course fee is payable whether the course is fully completed or not.
  • Students are requested to be ready for classes. Punctuality is essential, as no instruction will be repeated
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the school premises on in front of the school building.
  • Sums of money and valuables are not to be brought to the school. The Company cannot be responsible for any loss.
  • All course material is the copyright property of the Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School and may not be used by anyone else.
  • Students are required to provide their own models for all practical examinations/courses.
  • Failure to take examination for any reason whatsoever will result in the student waiting for the next examination date.
  • All students are required to behave in a courteous and respectful manner to their colleagues, school tutors and staff.
  • Bronwyn Conroy Ltd., reserves the right to terminate the training of students who fail to comply with the school rules or where the student is found to be academically or otherwise unsuitable. In the event of this, fees and deposits will not be refunded.
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