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Online Anatomy & Physiology

ITEC Level 3 Diploma

Online Course

Interested in learning about Anatomy and Physiology online? 

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Course Details

The Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology is the minimum qualification required to advance your studies to Level 4 Courses. If you are interested in Massage, Advanced Aesthetics, Micro Needling Radio Frequency, you must have this qualification to be accepted on a course and more importantly to have the knowlegde to properly advise and treat your client. 

We now include A&P with all of our Skincare Beginners courses as it is fundamental to being a qualified Therapist or Aesthetician.

This is our own course which has been developed by our Head Tutor and includes videso to accompany the power point slides.  We also include a text book to aid your study.

If you require a one-to-one zoom session for 1 – 2 hours this can also be arranged through zoom.


Course Information - All the Inside details!

This is a comprehensive Diploma Level 3 Theory Qualification which includes Full Body Anatomy and Physiology. This level of Knowledge is now compulsory from both an Insurance perspective and also to allow Therapists to move to the study of more advanced Facial and Body Treatments.

In our opinion, it should be part of the foundation course for both Beauty and Aesthetics.  It is now automatically included in all of our Beginner Courses.

All online
Can be supplemented with one-to-one Tuition if required ( €50.00 Per hour)

Theory – MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

ITEC Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology

Entrance requirements:
This course is open to any Beauty Therapist who has an interest in progressing to Advanced Aesthetic training, such as Micro-Needling, Peels or body Treatments such as Fat Freezing , RF, Ultrasound etc.

Why not complete this course now online and be prepared for classroom study in one of our Advanced Skin care Courses!

Course Sylabus

  • Function and pathology of the skeletal system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the muscular system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the skin
  • Structures and function of cells and tissues in the body
  • Structure, funciton and pathology of the cardiovascular system
  • Structure, function and and pathology of the lymphatic system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the neurological system 
  • structure, function and pathology of the endocrine system
  • Structure, funcion and pathology of the respiratory system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the digestive system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the urinary system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the reproduction system 

On completion of this unit, learners will:

  • Principles of ethical practice
  • Requirements for health, safety & hygiene
  • Know the importance of communication
  • Know the priciples of finance and costing
  • Know the principles of retail
  • Know effective sales and marketing techniques

Course Fees


Includes ITEC multiple choice question exam through zoom and course text book
Full access to the Bronwyn Conroy Moodle Learning platform for the duration of your learn

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