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Brand Training with Bio-Therapeutic bt titan® MN

Bronwyn Conroy is delighted to collaborate with Bio-Therapeutic EU for their BT-Titan Microneedling course. This Course has a minimum requirement of a Level 3 to attend.  ABT certificate supplied upon completion. 

€235 per person plus VAT

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Course Details

Workshop training info:

Accredited education for bt-titan microneedling and microexfoliation with ABT

€235.00 per person plus VAT

Additional attendees from the same business are €174.00 per person plus VAT

How does Microneedling work?

  • Uses nano tips to create microexfoliation, or needles to puncture the skin in tiny (micro) depths in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing process
  • The goal of microneedling is to create either microexfoliation to the skin, or controlled injury to the skin, thereby stimulating the body to respond by producing more collagen in the treated area.
Other Factors:
  • Less downtime, less invasive, less expensive than invasive procedures
  • Appropriate for the majority of skin conditions and Fitzpatrick types
  • Minimal treatment time at only 45 minutes
  • Great results on scaring, lines, loss of firmness
  • Clinical and De Novo studies by many organizations support results

History of Microneedling

  • The first recorded use of a microneedling procedure was in 1905 by German dermatologist Ernst Kromayer
  • In 1997 a Canadian surgeon by the name of Camirand used tattoo guns to treat operation scars after plastic surgery
  • In 2006 Dr. Desmond Fernandes created the first drum shaped dermaroller to treat wrinkles and scars with hypodermic

Popularity Today

  • 2016 Vogue article touted microneedling as “the next best thing”
  • 57% increase among consumers interested in the treatment


ABT Accredited Certification ( this will be supplied by our Tutor when you are deemed to be proficient at the the treatment – This Certificate is for the use of the BT Needling device only and is not a generic needling qualification)

Course Information - All the Inside details!

Blended Learning (In School & Online)

Blended Learning, Hybrid Learning, we have all heard these new terms and some of you may already be very familiar with them. But just in case you are not , this is what it means to study at third Level in our School:-

Blended Learning combines virtual learning with face-to-face instruction” 

  • All of the practical elements are taught and practiced in the School
  • Course notes are provided throughout 
  • Students must be worked on (unless contraindicated) in class

Dates & Times

Dublin School

  • Monday 8th May 

Cork School

  • TBC
  • Students must be able to have a treatment or be able to provide a model

Course Information - Who are Bio Therapeutic

Reasons to invest in Bio-Therapeutic:

  • Over 48 years in the field
  • Multi Award- Winning and internationally recognized
  • ISO certified 9001 & 13485 Medical Device Manufacturer
  • FDA Regulated Medical Device Manufacturer  
  • CE Safety Marked technologies and products
  • Continued UK and online Customer Support
  • Access to the online education platform for technology owners
  • Accredited technology/education: ABT/ The Guild of Beauty Therapists/ Professional Beauty Direct
  • Collaboration with IMAGE & Dermalogica – protocols for use with bt technologies
  • The bt-titan MN (Micro Needling Pen) model AE allows for a highly controlled and precise service that is adapted to your clients exact skin needs and comfort. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick application not only delivers marked results but is suitable for most skin types and tones. With no down time, bt-titan MN microexfoliation applications are a great option for those with a busy lifestyle and schedule. Treat your clients to beautiful, luminous skin with the bt-titan MN. 

bt-livestream technology library Click here to register  

Training Outline for the Practical Day

  • Full day training includes:

    • Free online education
    • Manuals
    • Theory
    • Health & Safety
    • Student receives a treatment
    • Student performs a treatment

    *Practical – you will be working on each other unless contraindicated ( inform us if you are unable to receive a microneedling treatment)

    • Assessment
    • Certification


    To book or for more information contact:

    Leigh Lynch ukcustomersupport@bio-therapeutic.com +447956050928

    Kelly Lynch klynch@bio-therapeutic.com +447575881186


Course Syllabus

  • History of Microneedling
  • Popularity Today
  • How does Microneedling work
  • Anatomy and Physiology Recap
  • Microneedling Depth and Guidelines
  • Mechanism of Action Theory
  • Contraindications
  • Microneedling possible side effects
  • What to expect after a service
  • Other skin care technologies


  • Consultation and Intake Protocol
  • Physician Referral and Consent
  • Maintaining Accurate Client Records
  • Contraindications
  • Contra Actions
  • Service of Minors
  • Equipment Set Up and Operation
  • Maintenance and Disinfection
  • Storage and Transportation
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Safety and Application
  • Setting Selection and Pattern of Operation
  • Service Protocols
  • Post Service Care, Expectations, and Follow Up
  • Homecare Advice and Recommendations

Each student must work on 1 student and 1 external client 

Each student must be willing to be worked on during the course (unless Contra-indicated) 

The Tutor will assess each student before any certificates can be presented 

A Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology is a requirement to gain insurance upon completion of this day course 

    • Prerequisite: Level 3 in Beauty Therapy equivalent or above  
    • Always contact your insurance provider and the Salon that you are working in prior to the training to ensure that you can be insured to offer this treatment.
    •  This is your responsibility and not Bio Therapeutic or Bronwyn Conroy
  • Terms and conditions apply to all bookings  – If you are contra-indicated to receive a treatment you will be asked to provide your own model who must be completely COVID and Micro Needling compliant 

Dates & Fees





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