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The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

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Course Details

As more and more courses are modular and blended, assessement based learning is replacing end of course exams . To be employed as an educator within the assessement environment you must hold a current Assessors Qualification  This qualification is dual branded with ITEC and VTCT.

This qualification provides progression opportunities directly into employment as an assessor of occupational competence in the workplace and vocationally related achievement in non-work environments. 

We have a minimum joining requirement for this course of at least Train the Trainer or a Teaching qualification.

This course can also be added if you are currently completing the ITEC Level 4 Teaching qualification with our School  


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How does the course work?

VTCT courses are assessed and quality assured by your course Tutor and Assessors . Work will be set to improve your practical skills, knowledge and understanding. For practical elements, you will be observed by your Tutor.

All your work must be collected in a portfolio of evidence and cross-referenced to requirements listed in this record of assessment book. 

Our School has a regular internal quality assurer whose role is to check that your assessment and evidence is valid and reliable and meets VTCT and regulatory requirements.

An external quality assurer, appointed by VTCT, will visit your centre to sample and quality-check assessments, the internal quality assurance process and the evidence gathered.

Currently this  is an annual visit to the School, therefore your final certification may be up to 1 year following the completion of your course if the previous visit has just been been completed  This is outside our control.  You can request a certificatate from our School to establish that you have completed the course and are awaiting your cert from ITEC/VTCT

As part of this qualification you are required to produce a portfolio of evidence.

A portfolio will confirm the knowledge, understanding and skills that you have learnt. It may be in electronic or paper format. Your assessor will provide guidance on how to prepare the portfolio of evidence and how to show practical achievement, and understanding of the knowledge required to successfully complete this qualification.

All evidence should be documented in the portfolio and cross referenced to unit outcomes. Constructing the portfolio of evidence should not be left to the end of the course.

Course Sylabus

  • The context and principles of internal quality assurance.
  • Planning the internal quality assurance of assessment.
  • Techniques and criteria for monitoring the quality of assessment internally.
  • How to internally maintain, improve and evaluate the quality of assessment.
  • How to manage information relevant to the internal quality assurance of assessment.
  • The legal and good practice requirements for the internal quality assurance of assessment.
  • Internally evaluate the quality of assessment.
  • Internally maintain and improve the quality of assessment.
  • Manage information relevant to internal quality assurance of assessment.
  • Plan the internal quality assurance of assessment.
  • Maintain legal and good practice requirements when internally monitoring and maintaining the quality of assessment. 
  • .Follow relevant policies, procedures
    and legislation for the assessment of
    occupational competence, including those
    for health, safety and welfare
  •  Apply requirements for equality and diversity
    and, where appropriate, bilingualism, when
    assessing occupational competence
  • 1 Day Tutorial
  • 1 Day Practical In Class assessments   
  • June 2024


  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Practical assessment

Course Fees & Dates

Virtual class through zoom

Second day will be in the School subject to a date agreed with the students. 

Course fees including text book and VTCT final Certification

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