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ITEC Holistic Massage

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage 


€1995.00 (€495 extra to include access to ITEC Level 3 online  A&P)

Become a Beauty/ Spa Therapist

Thursday 18th April: 10am - 2pm

Theory is on zoom once per week 

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Jacqui Cronin: Head Tutor Cork

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Course Details

Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage

As this is a Blended Learning Course a  considerable amount of independent study and practice is required to be completed outside of the classroom.  Power point slides of course material and all resources available on the BC Moodle learning platform.

Students who are now taking this module must also achieve the VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Professional Conduct and Business Awareness qualification if you do not already have this module completed as part of a previous course. 

To be awarded this qualification, learners must successfully achieve the following assessments:

 External practical examination
 External theory examination – can be through zoom
 Portfolio of evidence containing Case studies

The main skills a student will perform are:

  • Consultation techniques – to include understanding the needs of clients and when and when not to treat them, contra-indications, referral procedures explaining possible contra actions and providing aftercare and homecare advice
  •  Health, safety and hygiene – contextualised to the environment in which the learner is working
  • Holistic massage techniques – to include selecting a suitable massage medium for the client’s skin type, classical massage movements and adapting the treatment to the client’s specific needs
  • The student will also develop knowledge about current legislation and working practice requirements and client care and communication which is essential to work and be successful in the industry


Course Information - All the Inside details!

Blended Learning (In School & Online)

” Blended Learning combines virtual learning with face-to-face instruction” 

  • All of the practical elements are taught and practiced in the School
  • Course notes are provided throughout
  • Power Point slides, professional videos, homework and quizzes are all available on the BC Moodle Learning platform
  • Home study/practice as well as the completion of case evidence material is compulsory and not optional
  • The hours required to meet ITEC requirements can only be achieved through home study 
  • Students who do not complete these hours will be unable to participate in final exams
  • Full Tutor support is provided through zoom tutorials when necessary

Dates & Times

April 10 am – 2pm  practical class on site in Churchtown,

Theory is through zoom 

A full Practical and Theory based exam will be conducted at the end of the 12-14 week course.

Students are responsible for their own models for both mock and actual exams.

Course Sylabus

  • Function and pathology of the skeletal system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the muscular system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the skin
  • Structures and function of cells and tissues in the body
  • Structure, funciton and pathology of the cardiovascular system
  • Structure, function and and pathology of the lymphatic system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the neurological system 
  • structure, function and pathology of the endocrine system
  • Structure, funcion and pathology of the respiratory system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the digestive system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the urinary system
  • Structure, function and pathology of the reproduction system 

On completion of this unit, learners will:

  • LO1 Know the history of massage
  • LO2 Know the legislation applicable to massage treatment
  • LO3 Be able to carry out a consultation and recognise contra-indications to a treatment
  • LO4 Be able to carry out an holistic massage treatment
  • Portfolio of evidence containing:
    • 5 clients must be treated 4 times each for full body massage and outcomes recorded
    • Practical examination and MCQ

On completion of this unit, learners will:

  • Principles of ethical practice
  • Requirements for health, safety & hygiene
  • Know the importance of communication
  • Know the priciples of finance and costing
  • Know the principles of retail
  • Know effective sales and marketing techniques

Course fees
€1495.00 which include all zoom and practical classes, online learning material, books, training material and products

€1995 to include Holistic Massage and A&P modules together

Important Information This is a BLENDED Learning Course which requires considerable home study to complete the theory of Anatomy & Physiology.  We provide the full theory course with supportive power point slides and a tutor video on our moodle learning platform.  Additional zoom classes may be added if required.

Terms and conditions apply to all courses. Once course has commenced full fees are due to be paid regardless of completion of the course.  This is taken as agreed once the deposit has  been paid. Please ask for copy of same.

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