Part Time Skincare, Aesthetics & Beauty Therapy

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Monday 6th April 9 – 2  – 24 weeks

Blended learning course, must commit to minimum 6 hours of home study. Full on-line learning support supplied.

We now offer a Part Time Beauty Specialist Diploma for those wishing to train in Skincare, Manicure & Pedicure, Waxing and Make-Up. We are also including 3 extra Diploma’s with this course, A Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, a Level 3 Certificate in Antomy & Physiology and a Level 3 Certificate in Microdermabrasion.

All of our Courses are now offered in modular format with Blended learning,  Skincare & Electrotherapy is in the College 9 – 2,  This is 5 Hours per week for Practical Learning.  We are also suggesting at least 6-hours home study for the on-line module combined with revision.  Our Tutors will offer support with the Anatomy & Physiology Modules through revision and Q&A and weekly tests.

For the Beauty modules, these will be offered as an evening class for 14 weeks or as a afternoon module 3 – 6, ( this is subject to a minimum number of students)

Our Part Time Beauty Therapy Courses provide the opportunity to attain comprehensive Skincare and Beauty Specialist Qualifications recognised by the Worlds leading accreditation bodies in only 24 weeks. Due to the part-time nature and short duration of our courses, they are ideal for those who:

  • Wish to study Skincare and pursue a career in The Aesthetics Industry.
  • Wish to explore the direction they might want to take in Beauty Therapy.
  • Want to qualify as a Beauty Specialist in a short period of time.
  • Wish to complete the Full Body Therapy Theory Training to allow for further Body Studies at a later time.
  • Are considering a career change and working full time
  • Are willing and dedicated to home study and on-line work

Work Experience & Employment Opportunities

Work experience in our College Salon and Advanced Skincare Clinic is an optional part of all our Courses.

We also assist in both external work experience placement and in providing employment opportunities for our students. Many of our Full-Time Students work in the Beauty Industry alongside their studies, such as the demand for our students and graduates. We have an extensive network of industry contacts and strong business relationships, and we use this to our student’s full advantage to offer unique training opportunities, work experience and employment opportunities.

Brand Training

We work with the best and most advanced Skincare, Cosmeceutical and Make-Up Brands and equipment. Our students receive in-house brand training with the following skincare brands and are eligible for free post-graduate study at Dermalogica Headquarters.

  • Dermalogica
  • Henna Brows International
  • Shellac
  • Monroe Recruitment
  • Beautiful Jobs

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Interested in studying part-time Beauty Specialist at Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School? Find Out More!

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The college provides models for our classes almost immediately to facilitate completion of these courses in such a short duration. This also provides a unique opportunity for students to study a wide range of skin types, conditions and lifestyle factors that influence and affect skin health and develop strong consultation skills from the start of their studies.

Accreditation Bodies

Our Part-Time Skincare & Beauty Specialist Courses are accredited with the following International bodies.


ITEC/VTCT International has been awarding high quality regulated and respected industry qualifications for employability and skills enhancement since 1947. Both Irish and International employers highly regard it.


The Confederation of International Beauty Therapists and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) has been producing Beauty Graduates of the highest calibre since 1977. By offering the prestigious CIBTAC Beauty Therapy & Body Therapy Diploma Bronwyn Conroy strive to maintain and develop the highest standards of excellence.

Part Time Study Options

All of our courses are modular which means that you study for interest, time available and financial viability.

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