Henna Brows – ABT Certified

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Dublin: 1:1 Flexible training dates available with our Experienced BC Tutor

Cork: 1:1 Training dates on Mondays and Wednesdays

€495 including Kit

Marie Prendiville: Lash/Brow Tutor

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Course Details

Flexible training dates available with 1:1 training

Henna Brow – ABT accredited

Learn how to provide the latest trend in Brow Colouring. Henna is a plant based colouring technique used to colour the brow hair and stain the skin giving a longer lasting colour for the client and using a much safer option of colouring for clients with sensitive skin. 

Colour can last for up to 6 weeks!



Course Information

One to one training with our course tutor

Zoom arranged for the theory part of the course and allows you to focus on practical in the college

Arrange a time that suits you for the training with your tutor and bring your model to do the course

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