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Brow Lamination - ABT Certified

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Dublin: Monday 20th November 

Cork: 1:1 training on Mondays and Wednesdays

€395.00 includes a Kit

Arrange a time to suit you and your business, Theory on zoom , Bring your own model to our School for the Practical day! 

Marie Prendiville: Lash/Brow Tutor

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Course Details

Brow Lamination

This treatment gives your client a full, fluffy brow.  This treatment for eyebrows allows you  to offer your clients a perfect brow shape.

The lamination perming solution allows you to ” set” the brow in the correct shape for your clients eye shape.

Perfect for

Clients who are unhappy about their eyebrows.

Perfect for

Clients wanting to grow out areas of sparse eyebrows.

Perfect for

Clients wanting to improve the shape of their eyebrows.


Perfect for

Clients who wants naturel fluffy brows

Treatment process

The treatment takes 45 min – 1h, follow the steps !

• The treatment begins with shaping the  eyebrows
• Then, a unique solution is applied to make the hair straight & flexible.
• Next step, a different solution is applied to hydrate the hair.
• Now you can Tint the eyebrows (please do the henna after 48 hours!)

Dates and Further details

Choose a time and date that suits you (flexible days available), discuss with the Tutor and organize your own model! 

  Zoom Classes

  • Zoom classes will be arranged with you for the theory section of the Course.  This allows you to focus on the practical day in our School. 

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