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Brow Sculpt

ABT Certificate

€550.00 includes waxing and tinting kit

Dublin: Sunday 18th Feb

Cork: 1:1 training - Monday and Wednesday training dates available 

Do you want to work with lashes & brows but don’t have the core knowledge of waxing, tinting & shaping?

One-to-one training will guarantee that you leave feeling confident that you can perform these treatments with confidence.

Learn to wax, shape and tint both brows and Lashes! 

Choose your preferred location & date

Marie Prendiville: Lash/Brow Tutor

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Course Details

Theory Class

2 hour Zoom class required with our tutor prior to this course

Practical Class

As our Courses are one-to-one, we arrange a time to suit you and your model 

All treatments are done under direct supervision of our Tutor



Case studies may be required for certification

€495.00 including Wax and Tint starter kit


Course Information - All the Inside details!

Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings with our School please ask for details, once deposit has been paid, you have agreed to these terms.

Course Sylabus

  • Welcome to brilliant brows            
  • Introduction to brow design
  • Contra-indications and eye conditions
  • Consultation
  • Preparation for treatment
  • Brow anatomy
  • Eyebrow shapes  
  • Determine the best brows for face shape  
  • Creating brilliant brows in 3 stages  
  • Stage 1 – Brow measuring  
  • Stage 2 – Brow design basics – Drawing skills 
  • Demo of marking up the brows using STTP system
  • Brow practice drill including troubleshooting brow shapes
  • Stage 3 – Brow measurement checks
  • Custom colour blending
  • Hot wax for brows techniques
  • Working hygienically  
  • What products do I require  
  • Preparation practical brilliant brows

  • Brilliant brow procedure step by step
  • Recap of practical on each other 

  • Practice on models 

  • Aftercare advice  
  • Troubleshooting brows  

Frequently asked questions


€495.00 for all Training & Final ABT Certification


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