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Beauty Therapy

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What's the difference between beauty therapy and skincare aesthetics?

Anna explains the difference between beauty therapy and skincare aesthetics

Skincare Aesthetics

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Pastiche Courses

The course is designed for beauty therapists and estheticians and takes the learner further into the anatomy & physiology of the skin than standard beauty therapy curriculums with a focus on how the cells and systems function and interact with each other. 

Course Fee: €65.00

This course introduces the principals and methodology of thinking that is corneotherapy: a remedial skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defence systems. 

Course Fee: €40.00

This course follows on from the Essentials of pigmentation and the melanogenesis course. These would include dermal needling (CIT), medical needling, chemical resurfacing and Microdermabrasion, IPL & Laser hair reduction, laser & IPL skin rejuvenation.

Course Fee: €65.00

This short course covers the physiology, biology and morphology of Rosacea; with particular emphasis on its cellular triggers. We will also explore the different sub-types of Rosacea and how to recognise them.

Course Fee: €65.00

The objective of this class is to understand how a skin care formulation can be linked to skin structure and function and influence cellular processes to make a difference to a skin condition such as pigmentation. 

Course Fee: €65.00

Menopausal skin is a multi-faceted, skin condition, which has a wide range of outward changes to its appearance. You can make a difference to these conditions; providing you understand the cells and systems affected.

Course Fee: €40.00

This medley of topics will answer those questions that come to mind when struggling to understand the microbiology of the pigment-forming cell (the melanocyte) and the formation of the pigment granule (melanogenesis).

Course Fee: €120.00

This six unit course is specifically for practitioners who want comprehensive knowledge of how pigment is formed and what can potentially go wrong during the melanogenesis process and the understanding of the triggers of abnormal pigmentation.

Course Fee: €65.00

The outcomes of this course are the understanding of the process of acne formation and interpretation of the clinical examination that will help guide and build both diagnostic skills and provide improved interventions and treatment outcomes. Typical completion time: 5 hours 40 minutes. 

Course Fee: €99.00

This course is a BMLA approved and MHRA recommended  ‘Core of Knowledge’  training module to provide you with a fundamental understanding of laser and light technology, how light interacts with skin to produce specific biological effects.

Course Fee: €199.00

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