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50 Years! It is hard to believe that this amazing brand will celebrate 50 years of teaching in 2022.  June of 2014 was a new era for the Brand when Anna Keely became the sole owner and CEO of the Blackrock School.

In 2020 we opened the new Cork Branch to add to the third School which has been open in Belfast for over 20 Years. COVID  has seen lots of changes within the Educational sector of the Beauty  Industry and the Schools have continued to lead the way with new methods of teaching as well as new and exciting  collaborations with Hotels/Spa’s and Salons including work opportunities as far away as the Maldives!

Let me introduce you to some of our tutors and staff in the videos below.

Anna Keely CEO, Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School

Marie Prenderville: Lash/Brow Tutor

Annette Gaynor: Teaching & Training Tutor

Sarah Duffy: CIDESCO & Aesthetic Tutor

Jacqui Cronin: Head Tutor Cork

Lia Shohina: Skincare & Aesthetics Tutor

Sian Howell: Social Media Manager

Why Choose Bronwyn Conroy?

50 years experience delivering the highest calibre training matched with current industry demands

Since June of 2014, Entrepreneur Anna Keely has totally transformed the college, bringing a fresh new approach to how courses are delivered. The School has adopted the newer modular training options which allows the student to choose the areas they wish to study and more importantly leave out the areas that may not be of interest right now. 

This has reduced the duration of some of the full time options and reflects the time  and money that students have available and the desire  for them to gain employment quickly.

How We Work?

We have done this while not compromising the standard of training delivered or qualifications gained under the guidance of  Irelands Top Beauty & Aesthetic Tutors. As the lines between the Beauty & Aesthetic Industries continue to blur and demand for skills in the Aesthetic Industry continue to increase, Anna has ensured that the college has responded by offering a clear roadmap for those wishing to study Beauty or pursue a career in Aesthetics. Anna was recently invited to address the CIDESCO International Conference in Stockholm on how she had adapted to the new training Initiatives and in fact be the first School in Europe and the second World wide to offer the newer Qualifications.

Anna constantly leverages her unique business relationships to the full advantage of the students and this is evidenced by the amount of additional training and opportunities the students receive in comparison to other institutions.  

International Beauty School


We have introduced a new range of courses to offer our  students the opportunity to study only the areas that interest them.  For too long students have been forced to study areas of the industry that may not have been of interest to them. 

We also offer weekend and evening classes as more and more of our students are currently working in other Industries and wish to change career.  

It can be very difficult to navigate though the various options and Level’s neccessary for a career change.  With this in mind, although we are delighted to communicate by email, ideally we suggest that you make an appointment to either visit the School or organize a quick zoom call with Anna to discuss exactly what it is that you are interested in to ensure that you book on to the right course.


Accreditation Bodies

CIBTAC is an International Examination Board responsible for the education and training of Beauty Therapists worldwide. They are recognised internationally for producing graduates of the highest calibre. Students sit one theoretical exam and a practical examination to test their knowledge and skills and only those that satisfy the external examiner in every aspect will be awarded the CIBTAC Diploma. The pass rate for CIBTAC is 60%. http://www.cibtac.com/

ITEC provides leading international qualifications in Beauty & Spa Therapy, Hairdressing, with centers in 39 countries. The ITEC Beauty Therapy Diploma has 5 Theory exams of 50 questions for each skill as well as a full practical exam. The pass rate for ITEC is 60%.

CIDESCO is the world’s major international Beauty Therapy association. Founded in 1946 with its head office in Zurich, Switzerland, CIDESCO is represented in over 30 countries. The CIDESCO Diploma is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy. There are over 160 CIDESCO Schools around the world teaching to the internationally acclaimed CIDESCO standards leading to the CIDESCO Diploma. The prestigious CIDESCO Diploma is awarded to students who have passed the CIDESCO examinations, both theory and practical and given proof of having gained at least 600 hours’ work experience in a Beauty Salon/Centre or Spa. The pass rate for CIDESCO is 70%.

VTCT: If you are looking to embark on a career within the beauty industry, VTCT qualifications will give you a head start, ahead of the competition and open up a wealth of career options whether that is employed within a salon, spa, nail bar, on a cruise liner or opening your own salon premises.

VTCT qualifications offer prestigious certification demonstrating high standards of training and assessed competence to verify your skill level to any industry professional, insurer, employer or advanced training provider throughout your career.

If you are already trained within aspects of beauty and wishing to just add on additional qualifications to expand your skills; or are wanting to focus on qualifying within only specific treatments (rather than a full award), you may be better suited to the single unit VTCT certificate and award course routes which are.

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