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Teaching and Education

Anna explains what’s involved in our ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Teaching & Education

National & International qualifactions

All our qualifications are recognised on the NFC (National Framework of Qualifications) in Ireland as well as anywhere worldwide where ITEC is recognised as a Teaching  Qualification ( Check Locally to ensure you have the correct qualification) 

The COVID lockdowns forced us to move this course to a virtual zoom class.  This has actually presented the School and students with an opportunity to complete the course from anywhere world-wide where ITEC/VTCT is recognised as an adult teaching Qualification.


We were delighted to welcome students from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Switzerland on our most recent class.  ITEC were extremely supportive as we tried to establish our School to these new International markets and we would like to thank them sincerely for their assitance.  We will continue to enrole from International students however our courses will run on GMT Times until we establish numbers that will allow us to run class times for a local time.

Teaching Opportunities Upon Completion

With the purchase of ITEC by VTCT IN 2018, some of the qualifications that were offered on an assessment basis are now accredited with VTCT and ITEC.  This is primarily to comply with OFQUAL in the UK.  There are small changes to the syllabus and to the paperwork involved in the delivery of the course but the qualification remains fundamentally the same.  VTCT accredited teaching qualifications are recognised all over the world and prepare Trainee Teachers to teach and assess in a wide range of contexts. 

The courses are open to qualified Beauty Therapists, Make-Up Artists, Hairdressers Barbers and Complementary Therapists but not restricted to the Beauty Industry, this course is for anyone with a professional qualification  who wish to move their career into teaching adults,  open their own academy or teach alongside their current role. All our qualifications are recognised on the NFC (National Framework of Qualifications) in Ireland as well as anywhere worldwide where ITEC is recognised as a Teaching  Qualification ( Check Locally to ensure you have the correct qualification)

The field of teaching and assessing is constantly changing and there are many other opportunities available upon completion of our course.

  • To work as a trainer in any private college
  • To work as a trainer for a brand or distributor
  • To teach adult learners in any area in which you already have a recognised qualification
  • To work overseas in educational schools and colleges
  • To work for Colour/Cosmetics/Skincare companies delivering training to Salons and Spas.

Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School is committed to producing well rounded teachers and assessors who are prepared to teach and assess upon graduation. The focus of our courses is on gaining practical teaching experience and we believe that any material produced on the course can be used in teaching practice e.g. in producing lessons plans. You will gain confidence through a series of ‘micro-teaching’ lessons on your subject area which you will deliver throughout the duration of the course and regular feedback will be given to you by your Teacher and your peers.

Teaching Practice & Observation

Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School provides the opportunity to all our Teaching Students to complete both their observation and teaching practice at the college should you desire. Due to COVIE 19 all classes are virtual using zoom with a live Tutor.  

ITEC  have also confirmed that if you cannot organize the 30 hours required for both teaching observation and teaching practice locally in your own country, this can also be done through a virtual class. This no longer applies to the Assessors course.  The first day of the course are virtual but the second day will be organized in our School in either Dublin or Cork. 

Our Tutor

Our Teaching Courses are taught by renowned Educator Annette Gaynor who is highly experienced across a range of teaching areas and contexts. Annette is truly an inspirational and motivational figure who consistently receives outstanding online reviews for her teaching methods and skills.
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